Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Black Friday

For the last couple of years our tradition has been to get our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. My brother and I take the big kids and then we usually go out to lunch. We let Asher and Piper decorate the tree first. After they were done we went through and did some serious editing. Piper was a big fan of putting three ornaments on the same branch. 
 Every year on that Friday night our town has something called Light the Night. Everyone gathers in front of the courthouse for songs and then we countdown and turn all the Christmas lights on. A lot of the local shops are open for fun activities. Santa was in one of the shops and the kids loved seeing him. There were also sleigh rides, hot chocolate and cookies, and Mrs. Clause was reading stories.
 We had such a fun day.
 The week was very tiring for Ms. Emmy, so she has been sleeping a lot to recover from it.


  1. You all do such fun things. I'm so happy you can have good traditions in the family and the community. I love the community of Elizabeth City...funny to have it called a city when there is really a small town feel about it. you know more people in EC than we do in Dallastown!!!! The kids look happy....and Emmy is groooooooowing! I love to see her sleeping peacefully after such a rough start with that.

  2. Sounds like fun! That picture of Emmy is killing me! It's sooooo cute!