Monday, March 26, 2012

My Birthday

My birthday was last week, and I was surprised by how great of a day it was. I dropped Asher and Piper off at school and came home. I decided to relax and just do some knitting. Nate surprised me and came home at 10:15. He took Dex and I out to an early lunch. It was so nice to just be out with them. I picked the kids up from school and we met Leah and her kids at the park. Nate stayed at home and got to work on baking me this fabulous chocolate cake. When I came home with the kids Nate made dinner and played with them. I stayed in our room and got a nap (best birthday present ever). I also got to catch up on some shows and do more knitting. It was so nice to be able to relax.


  1. What a cute picture of you all on your birthday and Nate's cake representing him as he was behind the camera...I love little Piper's eyes looking over the table! :-) And Dexter looks like he's a visitor with his straight hair and long bangs as opposed to the curly tops of the other two... and my oh my, you will be happy to get out of all those boxes!!! :-)

  2. Ally,
    That cake looks so yummy! Nate did a great job!

  3. That cake looks so amazing! I can't believe Nate made that!