Monday, March 5, 2012

Bath Time

Dexter feels a little neglected in the blogging world. He kindly requested a post just about him and his bath time cuteness. It's hard to turn him down so here you go. 
 See his open mouth here. This is his I want to bite you face. He bites constantly. His favorite places to bite are my toes, nose, and upper arm.
 He is also becoming a chunk-a-lunka. This kid can pack it away. His current favorites are fried rice, chicken nuggets, PB sandwiches, and pancakes.
Dexty you are so cute and sweet. I am still completely in love with you.


  1. Wow, in that last photo I see Asher's smile in little Dexter's face!!! What a little sweetheart. Thanks for sharing his utter cuteness!

  2. Little Dexter is constantly changing. What a sweetheart. He looks like a combo of Asher & Piper. It's great to see his little front teeth.