Thursday, March 8, 2012


I remember when I was pregnant with each kid dreaming about what they would be like. With Piper and Dexter I really envisioned such love between the kids. So far that hasn't happened. Asher and Piper fight all the time. Asher is constantly annoying Piper and in return Pipes screeches about it. Let me tell you it's a blast to witness. I was really hoping when Dex came along Piper would turn into a little mommy and really have an interest in Dex. Once again my expectations were way too high. Asher and Piper basically ignore the little guy. I'm hoping this changes as they get older, or at the very least Piper stops making jungle noises in protest to Asher. 
 The other day while princess Piper was finally napping I got some shots of the boys. Dex has a cold this week, which is the reason he looks like a zombie in these pictures.
 Asher did have fun here, until Dex tried to bite his back. I purposefully didn't include the picture of Asher throwing Dexter off his back.
In case you haven't heard we are moving in three weeks. Our loan finally went through on the new house. I am so so so relieved that we have renters moving in here and we get to move to an amazing place. Asher and Dexter will be sharing a room there.

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  1. These pictures are precious....funny to see pictures that are not the normal run of things (peace and harmony instead of conflict)... I think I used to write letters home like that...always portraying the positive. Well... sibling conflict may actually be working itself out while they are young and will improve as they grow older? Nevertheless they are all so precious. I love Asher's smile in these pictures and they are so cute standing next to each other.