Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Glove Puppets

Even though I have neglected posting about our crafting lately we have been keeping up on it. A few weeks ago I watched Jada and Bennett in the morning and we made glove puppets. I found some really cheap gloves at wal-mart and we converted them into bunnies.
 I think they are pretty cute!

I haven't gotten to any crafts this week for a few reasons. One is we are packing up the house and I started putting a lot of that stuff away. Two it's really warm out and I prefer to have the kids outside if possible. The third reason is Dex has a bad cold this week and if he is awake he wants to be held. Most of my crafts involve a glue gun and doing that with a wiggly Dexty in my arms may not end so well.

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  1. Cute bunnies....and Dexty being held alot while he has a cold....though he might not specifically remember as an adult those hours upon hours in his mommy's and daddy's arms when he is fussy He will remember that mommy and daddy are where he goes to as shelter in the time of storm, as a tower of strength, as a hiding place of comfort and love when things are wrong which will enable him to later understand more completely his Heavenly Father's many roles, including that as our shelter, and hiding place, and tower of strength. Holding times that might take away from other chores are nevertheless foundation building in Dexter's wee life....and Asher and Piper will see your example as well.