Friday, March 30, 2012

Moving on out

 We have fields next to our house that we love walking through. It's such a great place for Asher to run. They all love being pulled through the winter wheat in the wagon.

We were supposed to settle on the new house today and it isn't happening. For a number of reasons we had to push it back until April 16th. We are all really sad and disappointed. We still have to move out of this house this weekend since our renters are coming in on Wednesday. I'm going to take the kids up to Pennsylvania for a few weeks and Nate will stay here. PA friends I will be looking for things to do!!

Today is also sweet Dexter's first Birthday. We had to cancel the party and the easter egg hunt because of the house delay. I feel really sad about that. Our wonderful neighbors are throwing Dex a small party today. I'll post pictures later.


  1. You could always help with the campaign!!

  2. Im so glad you commented on my blog today! I used to have yours bookmarked but I guess I lost it! I couldnt find it until you commented today!