Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

Growing up Valentine's Day was always special. My mom would have a special breakfast and small treats. I really want to continue that with our kids. Nate is still gone, but I decided to have a great day. We invited a few of Asher's friends over for brunch. It was fun, but he got so hyper from the cupcakes and all the juice boxes he kept sneaking. One of his friends went to use the bathroom. Asher snuck in and decided to go at the same time and accidentally peed on him. Needless to say neither his friend or his mom appreciated it. It's such a strange feeling when you are embarrassedby your kids.By seven this evening all the sugar began taking its toll. Asher crashed pretty hard.


  1. aaawwwww! you're an awesome mom doing things like celebrating Valentines day in such a special mom used to do fun things for us as kids, too, but in Thailand the kids were always away at school so we didn't do too much....ask Nate if he remembers anything... I don't think we did much.

  2. too funny...I'm sure not in the 'peeing on the kid' moment, but too funny to hear about it!