Wednesday, February 23, 2011


For a while I sort of ignored the fact that Piper's hair was getting long. It's curly at the bottom so most days I would wet it and push it back. It started looking pretty messy so I went and bought a bunch of hair things. She looks so cute in pigtails, unfortunately though she takes them out after about three minutes. There are currently about 84 of her little hair bands strewed on the floors in our house.


  1. Now she is really looking older! And really cute in pigtails.... if I did them the way I used to do melody's at that age she wouldn't be able to take them out! maybe I'll try when I get down there where you are!

  2. it's too bad she takes them out! She looks ADORABLE! So grown up...(sniff).

  3. So cute! She definitely has the pigtail look down.