Friday, February 11, 2011

So very sick

About a week and a half ago sickness entered our house. It conveniently waited until Nate was away on a business trip. Piper had been up all night with a cough. She woke up with no fever and was pleasant. Our doctors office doesn't make appointments for sick visits, it's only walk-ins. I didn't want to cancel Asher's speech therapy session so I thought we'd go afterwords. That was a huge mistake. We ended up being in the waiting room for 3 hours before we even got called back. There was only one chair for me, my big belly, and both kids. After the first 2 hours we were out of all snacks and distraction ideas. I literally promised Asher anything he wanted from Walmart and all the snacks he could eat later if he would just be a little more patient. When we saw the doctor we found out Piper has RSV and bronciolitis. She was given a prescription for an inhaler and the news it would take about 2 weeks to completely recover. About a day and a half later Asher and I came down with some version of what she got. I had a fever for three days and Ashman was just miserable. We are all past the worst, but are still coughing and feeling a little yucky. On the plus side I think I now have Toy Story 3 memorized since it's been on a constant loop for the last week.


  1. Oh that is not fair. I'm glad you guys are on the mend! You look super cute!

  2. looking back I think those horrible times when you just know you'll go over the bend and land up in the loony bin, which I don't even think exist anymore, it was just soooo good to come through and out on the other side. These times you realize how much grace God supplied...and how merciful He has been. Your picture makes me want to come over and take care of you kills me to not be able to...but God knows that, too....He really is a Gentle Shepherd of His sheep.