Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Body Parts

Asher has always enjoyed learning the parts of the body. He likes to stick his tongue out and he'll put his feet all over you. Nate and I want to answer all of his questions truthfully and it has led to some comical situations. Luckily we have gotten past the point where he asks all the custumers in Walmart if they have a penis. About a month or two ago he started asking where his food goes. I told him he chews it with his teeth and it goes down into his stomach. He was satisfied with that for a while. A few weeks ago he kept telling me about all the food that was in his stomach. I explained to him that food only stays in his stomach for a little bit. Of course he asked what happens to it next. I told him that it goes through his intestines and he poops it out. Of course he loved that. Now every time he eats he tells me about how it's going to become poop and end up in the potty. I'm sure his teachers at preschool really love that.


  1. I love hearing about Asher....I don't ever remember his Daddy asking about stuff like that but maybe he did... I have The Usborne Book of Knowledge for kids and it has drawings of body functions though it usually illustrates part of it as a machine. Might be too old for him...I don't know...would you like me to send it to you?

  2. That is just too hilarious! I would have loved to be there for one of the Walmart questions!