Sunday, February 6, 2011

Making Valentines

Today Asher and I made Valentines. He has a party at school this week and I found a cute idea online. He didn't want to hold it himself, which is ok considering I did 99% of the work. We don't have our camera so I just had the laptop take the pictures. The writing is backwards, but it says "Brody, You Rule". Asher had much more fun cutting up paper with scissors (his newest obsession).


  1. So maybe Asher will be occupied with just scissors and a bunch of paper...or old magazines....cut out all the dogs...houses... candy... do you have all the scrapbooking scissors with the variety of shaped edges? Maybe I should send you mind....Don't know how they work for little fingers...I'll explore a bit.

  2. So cute! I miss Ash man and Pipes! And soon I'll be missing baby #3.