Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekend Fun

Overall, Piper really enjoys Kindergarten. Her one complaint is that she really misses her preschool friends. There is one in particular that she begs to see almost every week. This weekend a local church was having a fall festival, and it was the perfect event to invite her friend to come to. Piper loved having Lucy with her. As you can see they enjoyed a very healthy meal. They also won the cake walk about 5 times (this is why I need to keep my Y membership). 
 Asher came with us as well, and adored the rock wall.
 Piper surprised me and did really well climbing.
 This is what the little ones did while we were gone.


  1. I love how Dexter and Ember have the same hair!

  2. So glad fun was had by all. The sleeping beauties crack me up!

  3. Emmy looks so big sleeping next to Dexter like that!!!! That climbing wall looks glad the kids could enjoy it.