Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dexter Days

I didn't realize how exhausting last year was for me. It was busy, and I felt like all I did was run kids around. This year for various reasons it is not as hectic. I am loving it. Loving it. Dexter only goes to preschool Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings. I also switched around the carpool schedule with the big kids, and this year it is much better. Thursday and Friday mornings I really try to focus on Dexter and doing fun things with him. There are SO many great classes and activities for toddlers in our town. A few weeks ago we went to Art Play at the local art studio. They have some free play time, and then do an organized craft. 

 Dex was the oldest kid there, and it was odd to think of him as a big kid.
 He does swimming lessons on Thursday mornings. He has a great teacher, and always looks forward to getting in the pool.

 There is a science center that Nate and I both adore. This past week we went to their toddler time. They did a STEM program and it was pretty fantastic.
I am glad there are so many things for us to do together. Emmy also enjoys tagging along.


  1. sounds like a great thing for Dex...and you and Emmy....I'm so glad he'll sit and do all these things with you. I'm glad you are getting a better year, too.... I so look forward to seeing you all at Christmas. What's the name of that book Parenting Isn't For Cowards. ? It's a hard job to be consistant and stick in there when it seems like there's nothing for you in a day and it's all for the kids.... It is extreme sacrifice....but well worth the effort.

  2. I love seeing these posts about each of your kids. They are each so special! I love them!!