Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The magical age of three

The Time: 3 PM

The Setting: The time out corner of the dining room

The Culprit: Dexter

The Conversation:

Dexter- "Mom, Can I get out of timeout?"

Me- "No, wait until the timer goes off".

Dexter- "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Repeat the previous dialogue for the next three minutes

Dexter- "Can I get out nooooooow?"

Me- "Yes"

Dexter- "MOM, you need to say yes I can get out"

Me- "Yes Dexter, you can get out"

Dexter- "MOM, you need to say yes I can get out right now"

Me- "You can get out right now"

Dexter- "You didn't say YES"

Me- "Yes"

Dexter- (Flailing on the floor sobbing) "I just want to get out of time out"

Me- (Trying to estimate how many minutes until Nate comes home, and if anyone would notice if I open up the baking chocolate) "Buddy, just come out"

Dexter- "Thank you Mom"

30 Seconds Later

Dexter- (Sobbing AGAIN on the floor) "You didn't say you're welcome"

End Scene 


  1. Oh gosh, Dexter makes me laugh :) Can't wait to see you both at Christmas! Did you ever break into the chocolate?

  2. Tell Dexter thanks for providing me with such a great laugh at the end of an exhausting day! Oh, and how much chocolate was consumed?