Saturday, August 16, 2014

Pierced Piper

About a year ago Piper started asking to get her ears pierced. I explained that it would hurt, and she would need to clean them every day. She decided not to do it, but every so often she talked about it. A few weeks ago she said she was ready. Today was the day and she was so excited to have jewels in her ear. Both Nate and I feel strongly about how we will let our kids have piercings. We want it to be done by a professional that is trained and uses needles. I'm not going to let a 15 year old at the mall who watched a 10 minute video pierce any of my kids. We also really don't like the guns they use. There is a great piercer in our town that we went to today. She was so great with Piper and really put her at ease. 
 Little Pipes was a brave little toaster. She barely flinched and didn't squirm at all.
 It will be fun to let her start picking out some jewelry in a few weeks.


  1. Stop growing up! If anyone can get their ears pierced without crying it's Piper!

  2. we know what to get Piper for events..... quite phenomenal.....she'll need the dot earrings for a while because of her long curly hair....aaaawwwww....piper! Heal quickly little ears.