Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The girlies

I feel a bit scattered lately. We have a lot going on. Piper has dance and T-ball, Asher has baseball and soccer. Dexter spends his time waiting at these activities begging to play. They all have school. I am also tutoring a lot more these days (more on that another day). I usually have about two hours at home in the afternoon after preschool pickup. Dex takes a nap still, so I get to hang out with the girls. Piper is my biggest helper. She is so kind to Emmy Lu and loves playing with her. 

 I just love watching them together. Ember is so lucky to have Piper as her sister.


  1. that middle picture is the cutest thing!

  2. oh my gosh, I could die from the cuteness of those little girls did occur to me that EmmyLu might one day outgrow Piperelli! Utterly adorable.... a nice thing to warm my heart before we go off to physio this a.m.

  3. So happy for Piper that she has Emmy. Emmy looks so different from picture to picture. Sometimes she looks like Asher and then sometimes I see a little of Piper and Dexter in her - guess she's her own person - so beautiful!