Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Brief Respite

We are currently on day 15 of someone being sick. I feel tired. And angry. And tired. There was a brief period on Saturday where I though everyone was better so we went up to Virginia Beach. Nate actually got quite sick (and still is sick), so we didn't stay too long. 

Every once in a while I look at Asher and catch a glimpse of who I imagine he will be as a teenager. I see it in this photo. Although by then I'm sure it will be his friends and not Nate in the picture with him.

 Having four kids is so fascinating to me in so many ways. Their relationship dynamics are always changing and evolving. Piper and Asher get along really well these days. Piper and Dexter get along most days. Dexter and Asher rarely get along. When the three of them are together no one gets along.

I really hope this day is our last day of sickness. I'm ready to have more beach days (after I clorox every inch of our house of course).

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  1. I love these pictures! I love Asher's haircut...it looks SO good on him! He is looking more grown up all the time. We had similar dynamics in our kids when they were growing up though Nate usually got along with everyone...Micah was abrasive to the girls and even Micah some of the time... Melody seemed to hang around Micah alot! When everyone was together on holidays they were usually happy to be together after such a long separation. I empathize with your feelings of probably not being able to really do anything much while the kids are sick....feeling like you are maybe just existing. But God is there, loving those kids and providing for them through you and Nate, and giving both them and you experience to deal with the next bout of sicknesses should they ever come.... or other situations where you feel like you are hindered to give wings to all your great ideas for good times.... Be angry at sin that has caused sickness and disruption but grab up your sword and remember that 'greater is He Who is in you than he who is in the world', that nothing can separate each of you from the love of God, and all the other good truths you have hidden in your hearts.... and the other pieces of armor are good to wear as well :-) .... God bless and strengthen you and give you rest.