Thursday, April 4, 2013


Nate has off every other Friday. It's so nice having three day weekends. In theory it gives us one day to work on house projects and one day to really relax and have fun. Sundays we go to church and then I usually have a few tutoring sessions in the afternoon and evening. 

A few weeks ago we went up to Virginia and took the kids to Mt. Trashmore. There is a huge hill that is perfect for kites. 

 My little Piper loves being on the swings. If you don't give her a time limit she could easily stay on for a few hours.
 My climber is also a bit of a rascal. He doesn't have time for rules or safety.

Weekends are the best with these guys.

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  1. wonderful pictures....I love the picture of Nate holding Dexter's hand and walking up the hill... a real father-and-son photo in spite of its darkness.... and Pipes! She loves swinging! she really IS my granddaughter. She got those genes from me! :-)