Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Break

The kids are off from school this week, so I need to come up with a lot of fun things to do. Yesterday my friend Patricia and I took the kids up to the Fun Forest in Virginia. It was gorgeous out and all the kids had a lot of fun. 

 Dexter loves having giant spaces to explore and climb. This is his cheese face. Every time a camera is near him he screams "cheee".

 This is his little buddy Stella.

 Asher spent most of his time on the scooter.
This is Piper's current best friend Finley. These girls are so cute together.

Now all I need to do is find things to do for four more days.


  1. I love Dexter's "Chee" face. When Harmony was videoing him last month, he just kept saying "Chee" over and over. It was so cute!

  2. Ally.....are you matchmaking again, this time Dexter? Honestly...all your kids are basically matched up for life partners!!! :-) This looked like a great fun time. Nice for you to have distractions from n&v :-) As for the rest of the week....you could always have the kids hide easter eggs on each other and find them again :-) over and over and over.