Monday, April 1, 2013

Egg Hunt

After my month hiatus from blogging I am back. I'm still feeling pretty miserable, but I have a lot to post.

We had our annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday. It was also Dexter's birthday so we combined the events together. I can't believe this guy is two. He loves to be outside so I was really happy we had such a great day. 
 I set up a bubble table to give the kids something to do while everyone was arriving.
 Piper was more excited about her outfit than about the actual egg hunt. She is ready for the warmer weather so she can wear dresses all the time. I have no idea how she turned out to be so girly.

 I am so lucky to have these boys. They are cute and adventurous and just make my day.
 We had to order a sheet cake since there were about 70 people there.

 He was very pleased with the cake.

Happy Birthday Dexty. I am so excited to see what changes this year will bring. And yes I have high expectations that you will be an early easy potty trainer like your siblings.


  1. Happy belated birthday to Dex! and to you, Ally. Sorry I never got my act together. :(

  2. thank you thank you thank you ....a thousand times thank you for posting! I'm sooo happy you had a beautiful day. the kids look like they had a great time....glad you were able to actually do it all and glad your folks were there. Horraaaay for family!!!!! Dexter is a big boy.....2 whole years old! It was also nice to see Pipers beautiful dress and to see another year of a full easter egg pail in Asher's hand. He's quite the egg collector!