Monday, April 8, 2013

Summer...I Mean Spring

It feels like we skipped spring. Last week we still had jackets on and today Piper broke out one of her many bathing suits. Being outside in the sun has been so good for us. Piper loves to help me water the flowers. She has her own little can and she takes care of all the daffodils.

 The kids got hot pretty quickly and I was going to get the sprinkler out. My little weak hands couldn't get the attachment off so the kids decided to just go with it.

These kids. They keep me busy and laughing all day.


  1. So glad all of you had time to enjoy the summer weather. Watching Piper water the flowers was a real treat for me when I was there. Glad she's still enjoying it!

  2. Now that's what we need here, today.... a sprinkling, soaking session with the hose!!!! It is in the 80's here... Pipes looks like she belongs outside enjoying life....and Asher was a great big brother to play with his sister. Good job, Ashmandoo! glad your daffodills are up... ours are, too.