Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How I Cook While Pregnant

Pregnancy has never been particularly easy for me. My last three I was sick the entire time, and I don't have any expectation that this one will be any different. My amazing Nate does most of the cooking, and cleaning, and grocery shopping, and other miscellaneous house and kid things. On the nights that he has to work late feeding my kids is really hard. A lot of smells bother me and I just don't want to look at food. My solution has been pancakes. They are easy to make and don't smell too bad. I usually add chocolate chips. The plus side of this is there are no complaints from the peanut gallery. 


  1. AND, if you make a triple batch you can have them around day after day!

  2. MM! I love chocolate chip pancakes!

  3. pancakes really are so satisfying to the tummy. maybe the kids would like to try some different things in their pancakes like corn or ham bits or something like that. Chocolate chip PC's are not my favorite because I love to put maple syrup on my PC's and, to me, that clashes with the chocolate. But your kids are sure happy little critters....just keep giving them their vitamins and OJ. And yogurt.