Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Little Ballerina

As many of you know Piper is girly. Very, very girly. She embraces all things pink and glittery. She always picks out her clothes in the morning. If for some reason there are no dresses washed and she has to wear jeans it's not a good day for her. She actually tries to pick out my clothes as well. She doesn't understand why I don't wear a princess dress everyday. 

Asher is playing soccer again and she has no interest in it. I decided to sign her up for ballet instead. A few weeks ago I took her up to Virginia to get her ballet outfit and I had to drag her out of the store afterwards. Shoes are kind of her thing. 
 Her first class was last week. She is so stinking cute in these clothes.

The class had about ten little girls in it, and it was one of the cutest things I have ever seen. Piper loved every minute of it. I have a feeling we have many years of dancing ahead of us.


  1. no way, no way, no way!!! that is the cutest thing! Piper looks so pretty in her ballet outfit!

  2. Yup, your descriptions are accurate.....absolutely the cutest thing....makes me want to dance like a ballerina with her which thankfully I can do very nicely in my head and would not dare do in real life on pain of physical damage. Piper will love this and will help her in gracefulness eventually...but gosh, she's only 3....a very cute 3. She will be kept pliable and healthy and ....this is wonderful. Happy happy Piper.

  3. So adorable! She definitely looks like a little princess:)