Monday, September 24, 2012

Hilton Head

Last week we went to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina for a vacation. It was awesome. This was the first time any of us went there, and we completely fell in love with it. The entire Island is gorgeous and so green. Once you get there you don't even need a car. You can bike anywhere. We rented bikes and the kids had so much fun. Asher did at least ten miles without complaining or needing a break. 

 Dex decided to relax and sleep. Notice he doesn't have any shoes. I forgot to pack them, as well as bathing suit bottoms for myself and all things needed for the beach.

We are so excited to go back there again.


  1. I love that picture of Dex sleeping. What a cutie!

  2. it really does look like a great place to have fun.....Asher is really getting great daily exercise and must be a healthy boy!....I'm so happy he enjoys the outdoors....I wonder if he'd like it as much if he lived up here where it's colder? But then the summers are outrageously hot in NC, aren't they, and the kids can't really play mid day...but then you have the evenings which are light and not as hot. You are good parents!