Friday, June 8, 2012

A quick update

Gah I just can't keep up with blogging lately. The kids being out of school is throwing me off a lot. I'll give a brief synopsis of how everyone is doing and I'll try post something fun next week.

Asher is having a blast with swim lessons and baseball. I think by the end of June he'll be swimming completely unassisted. We are also starting to learn spanish and he is surprisingly liking it a lot. In order to get all of these things done and still have time for TV and whining about four hours a day he gets up at 6. 

Both Piper and Asher love to pretend to be different ages. Asher usually says he is one hundred. Today Piper has been saying she is sixteen. The problem is she pronounces sixteen as sexy. It really surprised me this morning when she walked around repeating "I'm sexy".

Then there is Dex. He still insists on crawling everywhere. I'm over it. It makes going to the beach and the pool difficult. He doesn't like to crawl on the hot sand and the concrete at the pool hurts him. He still is no slacker when it comes to eating. This morning I forgot to buckle him in his high chair. I was making some eggs and he crawled out of his chair and onto the table and started eating Piper's breakfast. 

"Mom I was hungry".


  1. Wow, I didn't realize Dex was such a sneak!

  2. That's hilarious the kids like to pretend to be different ages....May Piper's real 16 be as cute as her 3 yr. old 16!!!! And Asher, 100? I know he wants to get places in a hurry....he must think that being 100 is very very powerful :-) ..... and I think you need to get Dex knee pads. Do they make them for little ones? :-) thanks for posting.

  3. Piper is probably happy that Dexter steals her food- less for her to worry about eating!