Monday, May 28, 2012

Pool time

Preschool ended for the kids last week and honestly the thought of coming up with something to do five days a week now is a little intimidating. The last thing Asher and Piper ask before bed time is "Where are we going tomorrow?". If we have a day that we don't leave the house it never ends well. Luckily for us a new ymca opened about 30 minutes from our house. It has an amazing pool with a splash zone for kids. I have been leaving Dexter in the childcare there so I can take the other two in the water.
 Ashman has a blast with all the different water features.
 Pipes is just happy to be able to wear her bathing suit again.
Nate got home from Connecticut last Friday and was able to join us at the pool over the weekend. I have a feeling we will be going a lot this summer.


  1. How perfect for Asher and his energetic enthusiasm....water is such a "cooler" for the heats of all kinds, though probably not when you say, "Time to go home"....what good alternative to that question can you come up that will be well received? .... "When you see your hands looking like prunes we need to come out because we don't have scales like fishes" ? "Time to go get some ice cream or a freezie." ?