Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sprinkler Fun

Piper got some pretty fabulous gifts from her friends at her party last week. One of them was this cool little sprinkler. You attach it to a hose and water comes out of all these little attachments and they wiggle all over the place. Even though we spent the morning at the pool Asher has been a little restless waiting for his sleepover to begin. We decided the sprinkler would be a good distraction. 

These kids crack me up.


  1. Is Asher holding Piper's hand? So sweet! I love Asher's smile in the last picture.

  2. The three together on the step is precious....Asher's feelings of the excited tension before the expected sleepover come out so clearly in that photo.

  3. Also, in the photo of the 3 on the step, waiting, Piper looks like she is eyeing (Brody or Noah)...perhaps because the colors in their bathing suits match?