Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Party Food

You can't throw a good party without having good party food. Brandi and I got all of this together so everyone could eat whenever they wanted to. We made pigs in a blanket, strombolis, mini fruit pizzas, and we had a taco station. 

 Piper and Oliver got cupcakes, but it was too windy to light the candles.
 Piper very delicately ate hers, while Oliver took the head first approach.

 A few weeks ago I bought a cake pop maker for the party. I made some delicious chocolate and vanilla pops and Brandi made a chocolate ganache to dip them in. We also had various sprinkles. All the kids loved the cake pop station.


  1. I like the cake pop version....not too big....less waste....fun selection...you can have more than one and it seems like a big thing.... and very glad your Mom was there to help with Dex. :-)

  2. What a precious last picture of Piper!