Wednesday, September 28, 2011


 Nate and Asher love having this tractor still in our yard. The other day Nate informed me that he might want to get one someday. He casually looked up the price of a good used one. I have no idea the cost and was thinking you know maybe five thousand. Nate told me a good used one was going for about forty thousand. Can you guess my response? I can promise you, we will never own a tractor.
 Boys and their toys.
 Piper is enjoying all the new toys around the house.
Dex wasn't a big fan of the tractor or the toys. He is trying so hard to figure out this crawling thing.


  1. I have the perfect the digger instead of a new house, or building on to your present one and use it as the boys bedroom! :-)

  2. Awe come on Mommmmm... puuuleease! I can hear it now lol!

  3. Piper's hair is getting so long! Maybe all the Niphakis boys can go in on a tractor together- Marin would be up for it:)

  4. Maybe if you win the jackpot...the money jackpot, I mean. You've already won the children jackpot.