Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Asher is 4!

Asher turned four a few weeks ago when we were up in Pennsylvania. We had a little party up there and we had his big party this past weekend. I decided to do a construction party. Our neighbor is a contractor, and he let us borrow a backhoe. We got a big pile of sand and made a construction zone. It has been raining for a week straight, so we weren't able to do the entire party outside. The kids had a blast in the rain and we headed inside for food and gifts. 

 In the sand I hid lots of constructions cars (thanks to ebay). The kids had hats and shovels to use for working in the sand.
 Pipes had a blast.
 I realize now that I don't have any pictures of Asher in the sand. It was hard to have the camera out when it was raining so hard.
 Once again I ordered a cake instead of making one (it really reduces stress that way). I also set up a build your own sandwich station.
 I love how every year Bennett is right in front of the cake.

Asher I can't believe you are four. You amaze me everyday. You are curious and so stinking stubborn (I wonder where that comes from). I see so much of your daddy in you in the way you have to take apart everything to figure out how it works. You love being around your friends all the time, and it melts my heart to see your play with them. You have more energy than I would ever imagine possible. From the moment you wake up until you go to bed you never tire. It's like watching a tornado in action. I love you more than I ever thought was possible. I can't wait to see all the changes this year will bring.


  1. What a great party idea! Marin would have loved to have been there...

  2. Cool party! I don't even want to think about him turning five...sniff.

  3. What an awesome pile of dirt for the kids to play in....and it would have been more played in had the sun been shining! What a terrific idea! I think Bennett enjoyed Asher's birthday party as much as Asher did :-) ....