Saturday, September 24, 2011

Katie Scarpati's Wedding

 Little Miss Piper was in another wedding last weekend. One of my best friends from college got married. This wedding was way less stressful than the last one. Only having one kid there made a big difference.
 She has her little Miss pouty face on in this picture, but don't let it fool you. She was quite the ham the entire night.
 She did such a good job walking down a very long aisle. I sometime forget how little she is for her age. The little boy is only six months older than her. She just looks so tiny to me. As soon as she got to the top of the aisle Nate took her away so she wouldn't be distracting.
 Here is the lovely Katie with her handsome man.
 Piper spent the reception climbing up and down the stairs. In this picture she is singing her ABCs.
She is quite lady-like as she walks down.


  1. Don't you just have a vision of Piper walking down the aisle as a bride in that picture with the boy? What a grown up little lady!

  2. Maybe you could rent Piper out as a flower girl for people who want the cutest flower girl to be found! How utterly adorable! Walking down the isle she looks like she's done this all her life...and done it well! Actually, I think her pouty face is cute, too! :-) And Katie looked great!

  3. She is just precious! What a little princess.