Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My sous chef

 Making dinner can be a bit of a challenge. I try to get things done in the kitchen while Asher and Piper are running around like a bunch of yahoos. Dex gets caught in the middle and somehow he always gets upset. Yesterday he politely asked if he could assist me with cooking instead of being left on his mat.
 He was a very helpful sous chef.
Unfortunately he also took all the credit for the meal.


  1. His curry was delicious! Better than mom's.

  2. Every child should have a perch in the kitchen. I vote you hang some from the ceiling for Asher and Piper, too, that way they can all help for a dish, perhaps called troix sous chef
    gumbo? Meanwhile, load up on supplies should that hurricane hit you :-) .... maybe you can all invent a new hurricane dish. (for me it would probably be M&M's, peanuts and raisins and maybe almonds...but them I am only 1 chef, not 3 or 4) :-)

  3. Tell Dex he's always welcome to cook at my house!