Thursday, August 4, 2011


For the last 4 months Piper's had a horrible rash. We went to her pediatrician four times and he could never figure out what it was from. Last week we took her to a pediatric dermatologist who diagnosed her with severe eczema. We were given a few different treatments for her. One of which was to combine a specific lotion with vasoline and put it all over her body. She ended up having an awful allergic reaction to this and was a mess all weekend. We spoke to several doctors and she is on a steroid cream and antibiotics right now. She isn't allowed to go outside or in the pool/ocean right now until her skin really gets a chance to heal. That is certainly bad news for my kids who would live outside if I would let them. I've had to be very creative with indoor activities this week.

One thing we did was fill up glass dishes with toys and water and stick them in the freezer. A few hours later I pulled them out and the kids had to figure out how to get their toys out of the ice.
 Of course Asher only wanted to put cars in his ice.
 Our main ways of excavating were hot water with the medicine dropper and wooden spoons.

 Asher had a blast banging his ice to free his cars.


  1. Awesome idea! And a good use of indoor time.
    I wonder what will go into the ice next?

  2. Unbelievable! Where do you get all these great ideas? You should teach a class for parents who just sit their kids on front of the tv every day. I'm stealing all your ideas for when I am a mom :)