Monday, August 22, 2011


 There is a little boardwalk near our house that we like to go to. In the summer it gets so hot, but the temps have been getting better in the evening so we go after dinner.
 Ashman loves to walk Juno.
 Miss Pipes enjoys looking at the "wawa".

 Asher tried to balance on the edge and fell in. Neither Nate or I are coordinated, so the kids don't have a chance.


  1. Fantastic pictures! I feel bad, but I laughed a little when I read about Asher falling in.

  2. I want prints of all these pictures and I want to put them all together in a frame...they are priceless...the carefree joy of childhood (the kind that makes my heart cringe when I think of them running on the walk with water on each side...and I too laughed at the inevitable ... and I'm so glad you both were there and I wasn't because it would have freaked me out! These pictures are so worthy of Melody's artful hand...they say so much. And Ally, it's nice to see you in the picture, too, proving there is never a dull moment. Of course you could have jumped in, with Dexter, after Asher so as to give Dexter his first shot at falling in, too! :-)

  3. I love Asher's face in that picture after he fell in- not that I am glad for his misery, but the expression is classic!

  4. Piper looks so mature in these pictures.