Saturday, August 6, 2011

Beach Babes

If we ever had to live in say Nebraska, I would be seriously sad. I love knowing we can wake up and just decide to have a beach day. Yesterday we went with my friend Leah and her twins, Jada and Bennett. Asher and Piper love these guys so much and want to spent every day playing with them. The beach was amazing yesterday. The ocean felt like a warm bath and the waves were the roughest I have ever seen at the Outer Banks. I only had about 3 minutes to snap a few shots. 
 Dex spent some time lounging in the sun before spending the rest of the morning in the carrier.
 These kids had such a blast running around in the surf.
 Piper did pretty well, but needed to hold my hand in the water since it was so rough.

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  1. Glorious! Can anyone doubt our creator God when they go to the beach? I love to see Asher so exuberantly joyful in play. Looks like there might have been some sea spray or sand on your camera lens but it gives the feeling of authenticity :-) to your location. And Dex! He's really growing, that little cuddledud! I just want to grab him up and cuddle him!