Monday, July 18, 2011

The wedding

 We really don't have that many pictures, because for some reason having kids in a wedding is really difficult. I'm so glad my in-laws were there to help us out. Nate's mom did Piper's hair. I really need to figure out how to do more than just pigtails.
 Piper enjoys flopping around all over the place, especially when she is tired.
 Ash man alternated between being grumpy and angry.
 Dex was the most well behaved out of the three of them.
 Asher and Piper with Pop Pop. They all looked so nice.
We had a lot of pre-walking down the aisle prep talks. It was basically all of us pleading with the kids to walk down. They actually did well with that part. The held hands and ran down the aisle. Piper never dropped any of the petals because Asher yelled at her not to make a mess.


  1. precious pictures....I didn't hear Asher telling Piper not to make a mess. Hopefully, being a boy, he won't get the oldest child syndrome of always thinking you are in charge of the behavior of younger siblings and therefore responsible when they don't cooperate. Asher looked like such an actor in his dapper....Nate was amazing in keeping them in line as was possible...and you, Ally, were a very pretty matron of honor.

  2. Asher looks like a stud! Ladykillah!

  3. I like Dexter's matching Binky :-)