Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Niphakis Family

 While we were up in PA last week we got to spend some time with Nate's parents and all his siblings. Taking the family picture gets harder every year since we keep adding new family members. We added Dex to the picture this year, so next year it's up to Mel or Easten.
 Aunty Easten with a sleepy Dexty.
 Piper found a toy that played music. She took it outside, turned on the tunes, and danced around in the driveway.
Little Marin playing on the stones. It was fun seeing Piper and Marin playing this week. They are almost a year apart, but are the same size. Piper enjoyed a playmate that wasn't constantly hitting her.

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  1. What a difference between last year and this years photos!!! But fun to see the smiling faces amongst the few unsmiling ones as if saying, "Chaos? that's typical." We'll have to be more intentional and prepared, next year, if we get to do it again. It would be fun to do a family picture on a jungle gym/climbing frame so the kids could be active and not as restrained. And perhaps if they all had lollypops :-) That's a beautiful picture of Easten with Dexter...and little Marin in the stones is such a little boy thing...they always go for sticks and stones, like a magnet.