Sunday, July 17, 2011

The rehearsal

Last weekend we went up to Pennsylvania for my sister's wedding. Asher and Piper were both in it, so we all went to the rehearsal. Asher did not want his picture taken and spent the entire night playing with the ipod. 

 Piper was pretty pleasant, except for her continuation of not eating anything substantial.
 Katie gave all of us evening bags and Piper confiscated it and wouldn't let me have it for the rest of the evening. This girl loves purses and shoes.
 Dex slept.
Piper and her aunt Katie the last night she was a Patton.


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  2. judging from Pipers face she will definitely have a cool purse at her own rehearsal dinner many years hence. Oh, to be like Dex and just zone out in sleep when needed! And Praise the Lord for IPod's to keep active young minds like Asher's sane from all the unchildishness of rehearsal dinners. And such a sad remark, "the last night she was a Patton." that was once true for you...and me....I don't remember being sad. I was excited though I dearly love my maiden name and my roots.