Monday, July 12, 2010

Le Jardin D'Acclimatation

Yesterday we went to this amazing park. It had a zoo and rides and the water part. It was so hot outside so it was nice to be able to get cooled off. Asher wasn't a huge fan of the water, but Piper really liked it.

Asher enjoyed putting his hands in it.
There were numerous playgrounds and Asher had a blast climbing all over them.

Piper hung out in the stroller a lot and was happy as long as she was getting food. She isn't walking yet, but really wants to get down and play.

Right before we left we got misted off. Piper thought it was awesome.

Asher once again loved the rides.


  1. What a great park! That wooden thing that Asher is climbing on looks so dangerous!

  2. The park looks like it was so much fun. Glad Piper enjoyed getting wet! So glad Asher found things that he enjoyed also. Can't wait to see your next posting!