Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 5

I have failed to mention one of the best aspects of France: the food. Last night while we were at dinner I was thinking back to my Cracker Barrel days. We were told to greet the customer within two minutes and take the order right away. The food was to get to them in less than ten minutes, and the check goes to them about three minutes after the food is served. Things are a little different here. Once you sit down the server usually comes over with menus about ten minutes later. It usually takes another ten for her to come get the order. The food can take up to half an hour to arrive. Once you are done and the plates are cleared it's another twenty to forty minutes for the check to come, and usually an additional ten to twenty minutes for them to come and get your card. The whole dinner process is never less than two hours. Every restaurant has out door seating. The desserts and bread are incredible. Last night we walked to this little place about five minutes from our apartment.
Nate had this salmon dish.
I had the most incredible duck. It was so tender and the sauce was amazing.
Asher brought his own crackers and was happy. Yesterday was the first day Nate had to go to work and I was at home with the kids. I took the kids to a little park after breakfast. There were a lot of kids and their nannies there. Asher was great until after nap time. He gets bored in the apartment pretty quickly.

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  1. The food looks great! Do you have TV in the apartment?