Sunday, July 18, 2010

Boat Ride

There are so many ways to see Paris, and one of them is a boat tour on the Seine. We picked one where you could get on and off all day. We went around in the morning and went back on at night. Asher had a lot of fun running around and looking at the water. On our night trip we stopped off at this amazing garden.

Dalias are one of my favorite flowers. I grow them at home. They had so many different kinds here.
At one section of the gardens there was a spiral labyrinth of hedges up to a gazebo. This was Asher's favorite part of the day. He was very upset when we had to leave.

I really enjoyed being on the boat. The bridges were so pretty. Asher loves to look at the tower.


  1. encroiable! However you spell the french word... so many fun things to do...glad you can do it together. missing you all but glad you are having fun.