Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mud Run

For the last few months Asher has been asking to do another race. Given the fact that my belly is growing rapidly I haven't been up to doing a lot of exercise. When our town announced a Mud Run I knew it would be the perfect event for him. Asher was really excited about running in mud. Piper also told me that she would love to participate. I grilled her a bit to make sure she knew she would get dirty and it would be hard. She promised me she wouldn't whine. Liar Liar Miss Piper. 

For the last few days we have gotten a lot of rain. A lot of rain. It poured most of the day yesterday. We went early to register and the kids loved playing in the giant puddles.

 I assumed that I would be able to watch from the side lines as the kids ran, but I actually had to walk on the sides. It wouldn't have been so bad if the whole place wasn't a giant mud hole and if I had dressed appropriately.
 Asher loved every minute of the run. He has so much fun running and sliding, and well swimming in the mud.
 It was a bit too much for Piper. She walked with me, but still went through a lot of mud.
 Asher's shoes kept getting stuck so he had to carry them.

 I am proud of these guys for how hard they worked yesterday.


  1. So glad Asher totally enjoyed himself. His perseverance is such a wonderful attribute!!

  2. wow-wee-kazowee!!! A fantastic opportunity well tackled...and with a smile beaming from Asher. What a trooper! What determination. Asher is like a little bundle of fire-works all on his own! I totally love it...I totally love my kiddies!

  3. I'm sure Asher loved it! Marin was smiling so big when I showed him these pictures.