Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sibling Fun

My kids fight with each other. A lot. They argue, and take toys, and aren't as kind as I want them to be. All three of them have big personalities, which all collide on a daily basis. 

Just when I feel like they will never like each other I get small moments like this one. Last weekend Piper and Dexter were jumping off one couch and Nate was catching them and throwing them on the other one. He got tired, but the kids still wanted to play. Asher took over and carried them from one to the other, 

I hope these moments get more frequent and they are lifelong friends.


  1. A perfect example of the affect of a good father! Asher, following in his Daddy's footsteps. I think, to wish for the kids to be lifelong, round-the-clock friends, it'll probably be till after high school, though not necessarily. But you've captured this precious moment splendidly and it's a heart-warmer!