Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Girly Sleepover

A little while ago Piper had a sleepover with one of her friends. I am constantly amazed when I see girls interacting after years of having Asher and his friends around. When boys play outside there are races and all sorts of competitions. These girls rode around on their toys and insisted on holding hands. 

 A sleepover isn't complete without pizza. Nate took the boys on a bike ride after dinner and I watched Tangled with the girls. Listening to their running commentary was hilarious. They went to bed fairly easily, and I listened outside their door for a few minutes. It was so cute hearing them talk as they fell asleep.
 The next morning we filled some water balloons. It was so much fun having these girls together. I must admit the thought of having another girl sounds like fun.


  1. I concur! We need more Niphakis ladies!

  2. That is just soooooooo cute! Piper and her friend! You want another Niphakis girl around? Do you really think we'll survive the utter cuteness of it all? Next time include some of the remarks the little ones make when they watch their cartoons.... :-) Now that I think back I can remember Melody talking away to herself on her toy telephone even though she hadn't yet grown up with a phone in the house! She had amazing conversations. The boys never touched it! :-)