Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

I had such a good Mother's Day weekend. On Friday night I got to celebrate Clarissa's 30th Birthday. A few friends and I surprised her by kidnapping her and getting a hotel in Virginia Beach. It was relaxing and fun to celebrate her. When I came back home on Saturday Nate surprised me with a clean house and different plants he and the kids picked out. He also gave me a pass for the rest of the weekend. I got to relax and pick the agenda (it was very nice not to have any diapers to change for the entire weekend).

Today we drove out to the Outer Banks. All of the kids are at great ages for the beach and it was so much fun to be there. 

I love watching Asher and Piper play together. I really hope they will be life long buds. 
 This kid never quits. The amount of energy and endurance he has is insane.
 Dexty is my little buddy these days. He is such a fun little guy and is constantly cracking me up.
 For everyone who is asking, here is a belly shot of me at 19 weeks pregnant.

 Piper loves collecting shells. She will do it for hours. I sat next to her and she narrated everything she is going to do with them.
 While Piper and I collected shells the boys made sand castles.
 Before we headed home we stopped and got some ice cream. Asher is such a neat eater.
 Nothing makes me happier than spending time with Nate and these three goofballs. Days like this I look at them and am just amazed at what I have.


  1. umm...don't you mean four goofballs? I can only assume that your little baby is a precious goofball like the others! Love you guys so much, and happy happy mother's day!

  2. HaHa, Melody...I thought you meant that Nate was the 4th goofball :-)
    Wonderful pictures and a wonderful weekend...I love to hear that Asher and Piper play well together. And Al, you look very good! And YAAAAY Pipes! A shell collector like me! Must have come down through the genes. :-) I can't not look for shells when I am anywhere near a beach.

  3. What a great weekend you had! The beach looks like it was so much fun for everyone, and you and all the kids looked great in the pictures. I can't promise that this coming weekend will be as know Matt and I are coming as guests and not helpers. I expect to be treated as such; I'm not sure how much I'm into helping with kids right now.

  4. So glad to see the belly shot of you,Ally! Hope no. 4 Nipakis has an equal love for the beach