Friday, May 24, 2013


This was a big week for Asher. On Wednesday we surprised him with a new bike. It is pretty big, but he jumped right on and didn't look back. He is now waking me up extra early so I can go outside with him and watch him ride. After a few minor crashes he is doing well with the hand brake. 

 We belong to the local Y, and at one of the pools there is a giant slide. In order to go down it you have to pass the swim test. Asher has worked with Nate and has also been taking swim lessons. Yesterday he passed the test! He can now go down the slide and swim on his own. This means I don't have to go into the pool with him, I can sit on the side and enjoy a book. It's a lot of fun watching him swim. He loves it so much, and he has a pretty awesome back stroke.
 Last night was his preschool graduation. I don't really think it's necessary to make a big ceremony about every little accomplishment, but I was very proud to see him up there. He is a different kid than when he started three years ago. He has matured and has gained so many skills.

My Ashman I love you, and I will always be your biggest fan.


  1. this post made me tear up! asher is such a little man. i love him!!

  2. Oh Asher! What accomplishments! A new bike! Passing the swim test! graduating from pre-school. Come to me my beamish boy! Next it will be the Jabberwocky.