Friday, August 31, 2012

Sweet Summertime

Summer is just about over here. The kids start preschool again next week, and most of their friends are already in school. Usually I have mixed feelings, but not this year. Dexter has hated the heat so it's been a bit hard the last few months. Asher and Piper want to live at the beach and the pool, but Dex just doesn't like being hot. Yesterday it wasn't too bad in the morning so Clarissa and I took the kids to Virginia and we spent some time at the Fun Forest. 
 Ashman is taking after his Daddy with a love of rock climbing.
 Dex loved running around and having some freedom.

 This guy can't go anywhere without some wheels.

Brody is so sweet with Piper. She is definitely still in the princess stage of life. She expects to be waited on quite often.
Seriously can you handle his cuteness? He spent the whole time swinging with this expression on his face while holding onto his crackers. 

After the park we went to lunch and then target. I was going to pick up a few things for Asher's party, but the level of whining put a stop to those plans. I left with Piper screaming "You didn't buy anything for my princess party". Her birthday isn't until next June. I guess she likes to plan ahead.  


  1. Nice picture of Asher climbing!!!! you should get a picture of him and put it next to one of his daddy climbing. That might be a good project for your backyard...a rock-climbing wall :-)
    Dexter is just so adorable...maybe he would have liked the heat better with a close to the head haircut (not as cute). Dex looks so grown up in his polo shirt...And Piper liking to plan ahead? Just like her mommy! hehehehehe

  2. Asher's a natural. I have to laugh at that adorable expression on Dex's face! and Piper's party planning! haha!