Thursday, August 2, 2012


I think one of the hardest parts of parenting for me is the realization that I will always be tired. Piper wakes around 5:30 every day and the boys are up before 7. It's hard. Most days we have morning plans, but about once a week we have no where to go. These are the hard days. By about 8:15 Asher is usually whining about turning the TV on. Unless we have sick kids our rule is that it stays off in the morning and they get a certain amount in the afternoon. It's so hot out that it's hard to be outside, so that means I have to be creative about indoor things. 

Luckily Sage and Brody came over today and all the kids wanted to paint (except Dex, he was too busy trying to play in the litter box). 

 When Asher isn't painting blimps on blue paper he enjoys making cheesy smiles.
Piper is just happy we haven't run out of the pink paper yet. At one point in the morning she looked over at Sage and said "You are just so beautiful. I am beautiful too". Well at least she doesn't lack in the self-esteem department.

It's 12:30 now and the kids are getting their TV time and I am going to sneak into the kitchen and eat the last brownie and try to not fall asleep.


  1. Beautiful people should stick together! haha. You should show their paintings more. From what I can see, they look good!

  2. love Asher's smile....and Piper's,'s so funny she has turned into a princess with pink and frills and weren't planning on that at the beginning, were you! You were thinking tomboy...but she still is a rough and tough little princess :-) ....