Friday, August 17, 2012


Last week we headed back to our old neighborhood and hung out with Ronnie and Lois. The kids had such a fun time seeing them and swimming. 
 Asher has changed so much this summer and it has been amazing to watch. He swims completely on his own now, and at the beginning of the summer he was terrified. He is also riding a bike without training wheels. I love seeing his confidence. He is so proud of his accomplishments.

 Silly little Piper. Lois has a little fountain and Pipes spent most of the day sitting in there instead of the pool.
Dex actually had a great day in the water as well. He loves climbing in and out. I spend most of my days now just chasing him around.


  1. It is SO good to see the kids again, I miss them so much....horray for summer and pool fun...better get lots of it in before school starts again. That's so funny about Piper liking the fountain more than the pool. hahaha....and the picture of Dex must have been before his haircut? He is such a big boy. Asher exudes confidence in these pictures, too...

  2. I am so proud of Asher. What an accomplished kid! :)