Friday, February 20, 2015

Snow Week

My kids were off from school this entire week. All. five. days. Monday was a holiday and was actually quite fun. Leah and I took all our kids to Virginia for the day. On Monday night we got about half an inch of snow followed by freezing rain. It was quite icy, so no school on Tuesday. Some friends came over during the day and it was nice to be lazy. On Wednesday there was still some ice, so once again no school. We went over to Leahs and that helped everyone from getting too cranky. We didn't have school on Thursday, I'm still not sure why. Leah and I took the kids to the Y and CFA. Pretty much everyone we know was there. Today is a high of 19 degrees. They won't send the kids to school if it below 25, so we are all just hanging around the house. The good thing is, for the first time in seven years I am finally caught up on laundry. 

This is what happened when I told Dex to put his hamper back in his room. Let's just say cleaning is not his thing.


  1. Only Dexter!! Those steps are getting to be his stage!

  2. Well, EmmyLu doesn't think anything is out of the ordinary. :-) And Dexter gets credit for entertaining himself.